Simple way to keep your resolutions by tracking your daily activities

Every year approximately 45% people make New Year Resolutions, but only 8% of them actually achieve their goals.

Keep Resolve aims to change that statistics, with a simple way of following through the resolutions to become better you, than become just another statistics.
Resolutions to Reality

Whether you are trying to keep up with your resolutions for health or career improvement, you need a plan and a good system to keep track your progress.

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Friends and Family

It is easier to keep up with your resolutions when you are part of a group. KeepResolve helps you by setting up goals for yourself and your friends/family.

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3 Simple Steps
Set Goals and Actions
Set up goals and create actionable steps.
Record completions
Record your completions on regular basis.
Analyze your progress, Modify Steps to achieve your goal.
Features you always wanted
Easily add and update goals

Get daily reminders

Easily check off completions
Targets can be Numeric or Y-N

Share with friends

Plots that help you get insight into your data

Set goals for yourself or your family

Data stays in cloud - so can access from anywhere (web/iOS)

Add comments to completions, so you can analyze later

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"KeepResolve really helped me stay focused on my resolutions and develop new habits. Love the app, use it every day" - Kim
"I am using this app to keep track of my goals as well as my 2 kids. So easy to use, and kids love looking at their charts at the end of the week" - Pallavi

Keep Resolve

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