Simple way to keep your resolutions by tracking your daily activities

3 Simple Steps
Set Goals and Actions
Set up goals and create actionable steps.
Record completions
Record your completions on regular basis.
Analyze your progress and Modify Steps as to achieve your goal.

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Resolutions into Reality

Whether you are trying to meet your resolutions for health or career improvement, or any aspect of your life, you need a plan and a good system to keep track your progress.

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Friends and Family

Most of the times, it is easier to keep up with your resolutions when you are part of a group. KeepResolve helps you by setting up goals for yourself and your friends/family.

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Key Features:
  • Easy to create long-term goals
  • Define daily tasks to Achieve your goals
  • Mark tasks completed / missed / not started on daily basis
  • Add notes to the task completions
  • Track and Monitor your progress
  • Access from WEB or from iPhone / iPad